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About Superior Life Insurance Cover

Superior Life Insurance Cover (Superior Life) is life insurance cover which pays a lump sum benefit to help your family or other loved ones cope with the financial impact of your death or terminal illness. Your benefit payment can be used however needed – to pay off the mortgage and other loans, to provide medical or other assistance during a difficult time or to provide ongoing financial support for you or your family.

Plus with Superior Life, you have the option to apply for cover for Trauma and/or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) for even greater protection and peace of mind.

Best of all, this valuable protection covers you worldwide, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What cover is available?

Superior Life lets you choose a life insurance benefit from $100,000 up to $1,500,000 (depending on your age at the Policy Commencement Date). In the event of your diagnosis with a Terminal Illness, 100% of your life benefit is advanced to assist you financially during this time. In addition, in the event of your death, an advance of $10,000 of your life benefit is paid to assist with the immediate costs of a funeral and other final expenses.

You also have the option to apply for up to $1,500,000 cover for Total and Permanent Disability and up to $500,000 cover for Trauma, again dependent upon your age at the Policy Commencement Date, as well as the amount of life cover taken (your optional cover cannot exceed the amount of life cover).

Superior Life is available to all Australian residents aged 18-64 years and cover can continue for life (as long as premiums remain paid). Optional TPD and Trauma covers can be taken out to age 59 with cover continuing through to the Policy Anniversary following your 65th birthday.